Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan
Author: Mostafa Soukarieh
Lesson Title: Formation of images
Subject Area: Physics / Optics
Grade Level: Grade 9 (Lebanese curriculum)
Time Needed: 2 sessions  ×50 min

Learning Objectives
Students will be able to distinguish between real and virtual images
Students will be able to prepare an experiment to obtain the image formed by a converging lens.
Students will determine the characteristics of the image given by a converging according to the position of the object with respect to this lens.
Student can use a graph paper to draw special rays of light and determine the characteristics of the images.
Student Learning Resources at Home

* Student national book (chapter 3 download)
* watch video (Differentiate between Real image and Virtual image)

* To study the formation of images in convex lens and concave lens part 3
* Images formed by convex lens and concave lens (position of object)
* Play with simulation (Geometric Optics)


Student Learning Activities at Home
Student Learning Checklist
What have you learned?

Where and how did you learn it?

What questions do you still have?


Classroom Activities
- Materials preparation (experiment of formation of image: converging lens, diverging lens, candle, translucent paper (used as a screen) …)
- Facilitate whole group discussion
- Differentiation/ Individualization
- Let the above levels teach the below levels
- Leveled group activities
- Guide by the side
Allow students to represent some activities in class. (presentation rubric)
- Use Wiki website (blogger) or PPT for presentation
- Every member of the group must play a role in the presentation
- Cover the main contents
- Organize content and procedure logically
- Work collaboratively
- Make presentation appealing to audience
- Present in professional manner, language, voice, eye contact, etc.
- Each group has 8-10 minutes

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